Training and Development - Are you really filling the important gaps?

Posted on 11th September 2019

As a training provider, you would think that most of our work comes to us through clients who know exactly what they want, have either worked with us before or they’ve heard about us through word of mouth, through the website or perhaps social media.

For a lot of our clients and new clients, they come to us asking the question that comes before that, which is “what do we actually need?”. For example, a client will come to us saying that they have an issue perhaps in a certain team or sometimes the whole business!  As we all know the impact of a team not functioning well will be that productivity drops and has an impact on the performance of the whole business.

Sometimes clients will have had some help from our HR team to resolve an issue, but the business needs to be able to learn from this and move on and how to achieve this. In this situation we would look at what are the driving forces behind the issues that are there.   If the driving forces are not known, then there is our answer; a team day to get to the bottom of the frustrations and find a new way of working together.  If the client knows the cause of the issue then we build a training programme to address these head on, for example communication and project work, and how teams work well together to stop the frustrations building in the first place.

We are an accredited CMI centre, and are often approached by companies that really want to develop their management team, or their aspiring managers, and need us to advise on what would be the best option for them.  With the CMI we offer this at levels three and five.  The CMI markets level 3 at new and aspiring managers and team leaders, and it certainly does suit that group. However, equally a lot of the people that we have on our level three qualifications are those who perhaps have been in a management role for some time, but have never had any training so they want to come along and develop their skills and knowledge further.

We offer the CMI at level five, which is for more established managers and there is a significant step up between level three to level five.  We discuss with people whether it is the right option, both in terms of challenge and levels of commitment so for someone who is incredibly busy, perhaps has a lot going on outside of work, it may not be the best option at that time.

In summary, there are many factors that need to be considered when deciding what is the best training and development initiative for people and teams.  Of course you can book on to all our courses via our website, but if you are unsure then please do give us a call on 01536 215240 to talk through what it is that you are hoping to gain from the course, to be absolutely sure that you are  choosing the right levels for yourself or team members.

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Written by:
Emma Wynne
Managing Director