“Gateway HR already provided a high standard of service but I think given the current circumstances their service has been exceptional, despite the fact that you have likely faced your own internal challenges and an increase in demand for your services. The level of support has been outstanding and your team have even taken the time to check on the welfare or your clients, especially managers that have faced and are currently facing some extremely difficult decisions. Gateway’s values have truly shone through in a positive light.”

Thom Parker-Marrs, Thomson Broadbent

“The team building session was perfect…we now have complete alignment and a collective focus on the right objectives. The activities on the day also helped reinforce an appreciation of the different skills within the leadership team – it was almost a re-awakening. I now see many more conversations taking place within the team with issues and challenges shared and innovative solutions adopted…We are now working together to create the environment for the culture to grow and flourish, supporting our company values.”

Adrian Doran, BakeAway

“I would recommend this workshop [Time management] to any organisation with busy employees. I can see how some of the tangible ideas shared throughout this course could improve productivity as well as staff wellbeing in any environment.”

Charlotte Dobson, Compass Community

“Gateway training has always provided me with really insightful solutions that will allow be to be a better manager. They are well informed about our industry and adapt their training accordingly.”

Sam Whittaker, Compass Community

“As Managing Director of a successful recruitment business, balancing family life with my work commitments had become increasingly difficult. I contacted Graham to help me achieve greater personal and professional success and balance. The journey is ongoing, but within a short timeframe of working with Graham, I have experienced several significant breakthroughs that are already helping me focus and prioritise in a more impactful way. Graham is an empathetic, supportive, and highly knowledgeable performance coach who has operated at an elite level. His experience has helped me identify impactful actions that have improved and rebalanced my both my professional and personal commitments. I cannot recommend Graham highly enough”.

Nick Day, JGA Recruitment Group

“The team at Gateway HR and Training Ltd have been a breath of fresh air that the company was seeking when sourcing a provider for all our HR and training requirements. The professional and efficient attitude from all members of the team is first class and they always ensure all our business requirements are met in a timely manner. The client portal is an excellent way of receiving update documentation and the team is always only a phone call away for when we need to contact them.”

Donna Smith, Wilcox Fabrications

“Thoroughly enjoyed and would recommend this course [Mental Health Champions]. Both the Trainers were really knowledgeable about the subject, and the course was well planned so that it flowed in a very natural way and everything made sense. There was a good amount of group work in relation to the amount of tutor led work, so it kept everyone engaged. Both the trainers I felt were great at encouraging involvement from the group which meant we got to hear all the different experiences from other groups. This really contributed to learning as we were able to hear about other experiences and relate to our own.”

Katie Lees, Cambridge Weight Plan

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