Introduction, a brand of ARC X-Media Ltd, are a team of developers and marketeers, who aim to improve customer experience, resulting in increased loyalty within the retail sector.

In February 2020, despite recently launching a great new innovative product, the Directors had noticed the team were lacking motivation and morale appeared generally low.  They were aware of conflict within key members across the team and wanted to seek a resolution to improve motivation and ensure a more cohesive team.

Engagement with Gateway HR

The Directors had a clear aim of what they wanted for their business and approached Gateway having recognised the role that effective leadership would have on the resolution of the issues and in uniting the team to drive the business forward.    On discussing the challenges being faced, it was agreed that each member of the team would engage in one to one coaching.  This would enable our Lead Performance Coach, Graham, to gain insight into the perceived causes of low morale and any conflict on an individual basis, identifying any commonalities between them.  Graham also used the opportunity to share some knowledge on what makes a good team, enabling them to start making an immediate difference.

On completion of the one to one coaching sessions, Graham wrote a report of his findings which focused on the following:

  • Working practices
  • Working relationships
  • The role of leadership
  • Culture
  • Training and development

Following the report, the Directors met with Graham to discuss his findings.  During the meeting he provided some constructive challenge to their thinking, identified individual and team development needs and proposed a variety of supportive interventions.  These included further one to one coaching for two individuals, individual leadership training and a team building workshop.


As of November 2020, the coaching sessions have taken place and individuals are due to commence our CMI Management and Leadership course.  Unfortunately, Covid-19 and the resulting periods of lockdown have resulted in the team day being placed on hold.  However, the impact of the work so far has already been seen.

There has been a change in the style of leadership which has resulted in a more cohesive team, with increased morale and more effective communication.

Endorsement: written by Rebecca Curran, CCO

Graham was engaged to help improve team communication and working practices.

Following his input, the business has been able to pinpoint areas of concern and implement appropriate measures.

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