Strong, high-performing teams – where everyone is motivated, works together effectively and understands the objectives that they are working towards – take time to build.  The teams that work most effectively haven’t stumbled across this by chance; they have worked hard to build common goals, and to ensure that they all play their full part in achieving these. This course is designed for whole teams to attend, and it will focus on what you can do collectively to maximise your performance and become the best that you can be.

Duration of course:

1 day

Style of delivery

The workshop is very interactive, and uses a wide variety of exercises to explain, demonstrate and put into practice the learning.  The tutor uses a mixture of individual and group tasks, as well as using videos and real-life examples, and also drawing on personal experiences.  As mentioned above, in order for the course to be as beneficial as possible, the idea is for the whole team to attend together.

Course content

Participants will consider the what needs to be present to create a positive and communicative environment for the team, and will go on to explore how this can help maximise the team’s performance potential.

Participants will look at:

  • The essential components of a highly performing team
  • The need to establish a professional ethos and a culture that works towards a shared vision
  • The effects of having people in your teams who are not fully invested
  • The components of a ‘top team’
  • How to ‘GROW’ your team (using the ‘GROW’ model)
  • How to create a strategy to deliver your goals
  • The role and effect of great leadership.