With stress related absence becoming known as “the new backache”, organisations are looking for ways to educate their teams and their managers in managing stress, with the hope of reducing this trend.

This 1/2 day course follows on from our Stress Management course and aims to educate supervisors, managers and leaders as to their roles and responsibilities in relation to work-related stress.

Duration of course:

Half day

Style of delivery

Although theory based, this workshop is highly interactive and participative.

All attendees will leave the session with a good understanding of their responsibilities in the area of work-related stress, together with the knowledge and practical tools needed to take a proactive, rather than reactive, approach to managing/eliminating stress.

Course content

The course will:

  • Consider the impact of stress on individuals and teams
  • Look at the importance of feeling valued and how to impart this in their teams
  • Consider management responsibilities and actions in relation to work related stress
  • Consider the legal implications of not managing stress
  • Help you identify your team’s current position in relation to stress levels and potential triggers
  • Explore ways to create a more supportive workplace.