This Level 2 course accredited by AQA is suitable for employees, managers and leaders who want to gain a greater understanding of the effects of stress, how to manage stress and how to avoid stress overload. The main aim of the course is to equip participants with the knowledge, skills and information to be able to identify any potential stressors early, thereby eliminating the potential negative affect.  Where elimination is unachievable, this course will help you put systems in place to ensure you are able to manage the environment, to minimise any potential negative effect.

The course has been developed by Graham Ravenscroft, who holds a Level 5 Diploma in Stress Management and is a highly qualified coach and mentor.  Graham works with individuals and teams to improve communications and support within organisations and has extensive experience in delivering stress management training to large organisations.

Duration of course:

1 Day

Style of delivery

The course is delivered in a highly engaging, interactive and practical way.  To achieve the accreditation, participants will need to demonstrate their understanding of the course content by completing an accompanying *workbook.

*Completion of the workbook and the resulting AQA accreditation is optional.

Course content

The course considers what the term ‘stress’ really means and its impact on individuals and those around them. It also provides detailed and valuable information of the following:

  • Signs and symptoms of stress
  • Common causes of stress
  • The relevance of the Human Performance Curve
  • Techniques to manage the stress response
  • The importance of resilience 
  • How to develop resilience in yourself and others
  • An overview of the legal requirements associated with stress management and the HSE Management Standards.