… as even super-heroes need a sidekick!

Imagine being able to pick up the phone to ask a fellow HR expert for their opinion on something you are having to deal with. Or delegating a task to someone else so that you can deal with an unexpected issue that has arisen. Even better, imagine you are on holiday, enjoying time with your family or friends, knowing that you can completely switch off from work because your organisation’s managers and their teams are being looked after in your absence. How brilliant does that sound?

We know that working in a standalone HR role can feel like a lonely, and at times daunting, position to be in.

When you are part of an HR team you can swing your chair round and ask a colleague for a second opinion / sense check. When you are the only HR expert in the organisation you are supporting, all decisions sit with you.

Being the only HR expert also means that you are seldom able to switch off completely.  How often have you had a day off, or taken a break, but still had to keep one eye on your messages or email because something has happened in the organisation that no-one else quite knows how to deal with?

Many of our team know just what that is like having been there themselves, that’s why we salute you! Yours is a role that is integral to the organisation – unfortunately, this is not always recognised in the way it should!

That is why we developed our Standalone HR Hero Support Service, to be that team you can ask for a second opinion from, or ask advice on something you have never come across before. You now have the support of an entire HR team with different specialisms, knowledge and experience to tap into.

What’s included:

  • Unlimited* phone support

  • Additional hours support

  • 24/7 access to our HR Document Library

  • Annual leave cover

  • Monthly lunch and learn clinics

  • Training credits

  • Mentoring for you

Unlimited phone support

Your subscription includes access to unlimited* phone support Monday to Friday (9am to 5pm), so you never need to worry about the bill whether it is a quick query or an in-depth discussion around a complicated issue.

*very generous fair usage policy applies

Additional hours support

Sometimes you may want some extra help over and above the helpline. This could be attending meetings with / for you, document review or creation, or work on projects. As per the costing table below, you get a number of additional hours per month that you can use for any of these, and if you do not use them they can roll over for up to 3 months.

Please note that mileage / travel costs may incur an additional charge.

24 / 7 access to our HR Document Library

As a member of this service you will get a login to our online document library, accessed through our website. This means you can get key policy and document templates any time you need them. The library is kept up to date with new and updated documents, with notifications sent through to you so you know what is new. You can also make a request if there is a document you needed that you cannot find in the library.

Annual leave cover

This is the aspect of this service that we are most proud of, as it means you HR Heroes actually get to take annual leave and SWITCH OFF.  No more checking emails on the beach or taking calls when you should be enjoying time with family and friends. We do a handover with you before you go on leave of any current cases or tasks that need completing while you are off, and we get to know the managers we will be supporting while you are off, so they contact us not you. We then do a handover when you return refreshed from your break.

We use the additional hours that you have for that month and any that you have banked to cover this time.  If you would like us to do any additional hours on top of this, we can simply add this to your next invoice – with a full breakdown of how they were used if you would like.

Monthly lunch and learn clinics

We run monthly lunch and learn clinics, which is included in your Standalone HR Hero membership. Each month we cover a different topic, based on feedback from our clients, and is a combination of a taught session from one of the training or HR team and then time for questions and a ‘hot seat’. The sessions are delivered online so our clients from all over the UK can join us.

Training Credits

We are well known for highly rated personal development and management development programmes, including being an Accredited CMI (Chartered Management Institute) Centre. As a Standalone HR Hero you get a number of training credits to use each year towards our training. This can be on any of our open courses or for in-house programmes for your organisation. The number of credits can be seen in the table below.

Mentoring for you 

Every three months you can have a mentoring session with one of our team, to help you in whichever areas you would like to develop.  Whether that is progressing your career, reflecting on what you have learnt in the previous 3 months or prioritising your professional development.  The one-hour mentoring session is yours to use as you wish.

How much will it cost?

No. of employees in your organisation Hours of additional support Training Credits per year (worth £199 + VAT each) Price per month (excludes VAT)
Up to 50 3 1 £329
51 to 100 5 2 £489
101 to 150 7 3 £649
150 + P. O. A

How long is the tie-in?

As with all our HR services, we do not tie you in to a long-term contract. Our clients are with us because they want to be, not because they have to be! All our subscriptions have a 3 month notice period. So that really is your longest commitment at any time.

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