The secret to how outsourcing can save your life!

Posted on 13th August 2019

As business owners or managers, we excel in our field, some may even call us experts including ourselves! But one thing we all discover is you can’t be good at everything and this blog discusses the pros of using outsourced help.

Let’s consider how you outsource currently – at home and work there are many things we would hardly think twice about outsourcing, at work many people use a cleaning company, a security or alarm company and hopefully a fire safety company.  At home we happily employ others.

Why outsource?  the reasons vary, from being more cost effective to hire a cleaner than to have your MD mopping the floors, to not having the skill set, to just not having the time.

Ultimately, it’s about putting a value on your time and appreciating where your skills set lies.

If we are happy to pay someone to vacuum and dust, and, let’s be honest, I don’t think anybody was ever taken to court over a dusty desk, why are we happy to take the gamble with more serious matters?

Running a business is already stressful, there is a minefield of things to get your head around, Health and Safety, insurance, HMRC (that deserves a paragraph of its own), accounting, facilities management and… people.  You may be an expert in what you do, whether you are a florist or a Head Lice Assassin (yes that is a real job, I found it on a job board in London), but you cannot know everything.  So rather than training, and trying to do it all, paying out a small amount to hire effectively a team of experts, who have invested in years of training and experience surely is the way forward.

In fact we are so confident in outsourcing being the best practice we wrote a summary of tips you will benefit from by outsourcing…

The 5 top life savers of outsourcing:
  • Gaining access to a wealth of knowledge and experience, at a fraction of the cost.
  • You get the benefits, without having to consider employment costs, pensions and other employee benefits.
  • You often get a team working for you, so you are gaining an even wider knowledge pool, often for less than a single employee.
  • Free up your time, focus on your business and what you are great at – or enjoy more free time.
  • It’s a huge weight on your shoulders being responsible for so may aspects of your business, so why not share that workload.

So whether you think that it’s time to get an accountant or book keeper, get in an IT company or maybe, oh I don’t know maybe a lovely friendly supportive HR team that offer support from only £99 per month, pick up the phone – you will be surprised that you are not unlike any of their other customers.  See what they can do for you, you may need it more than you realise.

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Written by:
Maria Parsons
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