The purpose of this course is to explore the world of Health & Safety. The day will involve: learning to recognise hazards, consider the risk posed by those hazards and how to manage these both safely and effectively. It looks at the moral/ethical, legal and economic requirements of managing safely. The day will also explore what makes a great leader and how important it is to have highly effective leadership to promote, manage and maintain a safe working environment.

Duration of course:

One full day or two 1/2 days

Style of delivery

The training will be highly interactive, encouraging break-out groups and whole group discussions to ensure that learning is maximised by the sharing of experience and expertise in the room. The tutor will use a variety of methods to guide the learners through the day including practical exercises, videos, pictures, open discussion and demonstrations.

Course content

The full day workshop covers:

  • Heath & Safety – The opening session will consider what the term health and safety means to the group. It will get the group to share any experiences when they have felt in danger, or witnessed others in danger and then feedback to the group, a summary of the situation, what the hazards were and why they felt at risk. We will look at what happened, how it made them feel, how they reacted and what lessons they might have learned from the experience.
  • Requirements – This session will look at who is responsible for managing health and safety in the workplace. We will consider aspects such as moral and ethical, legal and economic reasons to ensure health and safety is managed appropriately and effectively.
  • Hazard management – During this session, the group will explore the need to identify hazards and then how to manage the risk/likelihood that these might cause harm. We will use the risk matrix to help explain the principle of risk management and working as safely as possible in a risk-preferred way. This session will raise awareness and understanding of ‘dynamic risk assessments’ and how to monitor and change the management of risk as the situation changes.
  • Great leadership – In this session the group will identify the role of leadership in managing health and safety effectively in the workplace. We will look at the behaviours, traits and attributes of great leaders and understand why leadership is so important in creating and maintaining a culture where the safety of all, is prioritised.
  • Assertiveness – The group will discuss the difference between being assertive, aggressive and submissive. They will explore the need to be assertive when dealing with colleagues, employees, visitors and/or customers etc. to ensure the safety of everyone is always maintained. There will be difficult conversations and we will explore how to have those conversations.
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