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Emma Wynne, Managing Director

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At Gateway HR, we’ve combined our 80+years’ HR experience (including expertise in employee engagement and high-performing teams) and blended it with our new knowledge of what RDLC Pirates need. So, our HR service is designed to not merely repeat the bewildering array of employment law, but to give you valuable insights to drive performance and growth. And eliminate risk.

No unnecessary HR process. No confusing HR waffle. Just expert advice in your language to help you, your managers and your team.

Products – Building a People Platform

When you set up your business, you probably paid little attention to your HR forms and processes – so many other more important things to do. But, as you grow, they all become crucially important. These two products will build you the perfect platform to manage and develop your team; without tears and lawyers!

HR Audit

Our audit will analyse your business, your HR documentation and your core people-management processes to uncover what’s working, what’s not and how to improve. We have an exceptional offer until Jan 2019 for you Pirates.

Service Features:

  • A full audit of all your HR documentation and key people management processes.
  • £350+VAT
  • The £350 would be deducted from the price of a starter pack if bought with 3 months of the audit

Example RDLC Audit Report>

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Starter Pack

Instead of begging, borrowing or stealing all your HR documentation – and fruitless internet searches for advice – use our RDLC Starter Pack. The pack includes an employee handbook tailored to your business and all the contracts and forms you need. Also, it has proven resources to help you grow and manage your team.

Starter Pack Features
Basic Employee Handbook:
Covers all areas by law and customised to your business terms / conditions of employment.
Standard Employee Contract:
Set up for mail merge.
Standard forms for staff to complete:
Includes holiday request, self certification for sickness, parental leave and starter form.
Employee personnel file guidance document:
Giving guidance on what should be held in an HR file and also how to set one up.
An in-depth fact sheet for hiring staff:
Includes key information from legislation to expanding the workforce.
Useful website links:
Useful links to best practice and strong advice in people management and development.


Employee Handbook Example> (links within book removed for privacy)

Price: £515+VAT

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Monthly Subscription Package (less than 60 employees)

As recruiters, you are experts at getting the right information from a phone call. Well, this package gives you, and your nominated managers, unlimited helpline advice from our qualified HR professionals. It has a suite of other features, including unlimited legal updates to your key HR documents and online resources.
Result: acquire peace of mind by always making great decisions that impact your people. Prices are packaged to your headcount (and of course we will find out how many staff you have!)

Service Features

Pricing is based on the number of employees in the business:

1-5 employees                    £49+VAT/month

6-15 employees                  £99+VAT/month

16 – 40 employees             £149+VAT/month

41 – 60 employees             £199+VAT/month

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Monthly Fully Outsourced Packages (60+ employees)

Although we call this an outsourced package, when you choose one of our HR consultants, they’ll become your dedicated Account Manager. And, as you know, the more you get to know the people in a business, the better the advice and service gets. Our consultants will help you and your managers build: employee engagement, retention plans and a high-performance culture. The package has a menu of options to suit your budget and needs.


It is paid for monthly for a half, whole or multiple days and is (if you would like) delivered on-site at your office(s) so managers and employees have access to the consultant to discuss any issues and attend meetings.

Pricing is based on half or whole day rate.

  • Whole day    £560+VAT/day    (a day is 7.5 hours)
  • Half day         £280+VAT            (a half day is 3.75 hours)

Additional Options

Pay as you go / ad-hoc advice– £90+VAT/hour

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What our clients think

“James Gray initially engaged Gateway HR for some advice around the departure of a senior, long-serving staff member. The advice we got was clear and concise and the team were always on hand to support decisions that were being made around contractual obligations.

Following this initial engagement, we took advantage of the RDLC offer of the HR audit and starter pack to review all our existing forms and contracts. This is great value as it gave us a new suite of compliant documents that are all consistent and tailored to us. We have also committed to a longer-term arrangement with the Peace of Mind service offering which ensures Gateway are always on hand for any guidance. We have been very happy with the support to date and look forward to continuing the relationship.”
Richard Samuels, MD, James Gray Recruitment