Being featured in the press is important to us as it means more businesses will understand the importance of an HR resource.

Emma Wynne, Managing Director

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We’re often called upon by the press for our expert knowledge, so we regularly appear in newspapers, magazines and on the radio to talk about HR and surrounding issues. Here you can see (and hear) our most recent features.

If you’re a member of the press and would like information relating to HR, training and employment law, please feel free to contact our team on 01536 215240 or email

Our Search for Charity Partners for 2017 This week I wanted to highlight that if you are a charity – or if you know of a charity that might benefit – there is still time to apply to be one of our Charities of the Yea... Posted by Emma Wynne
1st November 2016
Gateway HR are Award Winning Gateway HR are Award Winning We were very proud to receive the award for Best Use of Social Media at the Corby Awards 2016.  We were up agains... Posted by Emma Wynne
6th October 2016
Lindsay Live on BBC Northampton June 13th talking about Employee Sickness Lindsay Live on BBC Northampton June 13th talking about Employee Sickness Posted by Emma Wynne
13th June 2016
Gateway HR completed the Race for Life Gateway HR completed the Race for Life On Sunday June 5th Lou, Emma, Lindsay, Maria and Vicki completed the Race for Life Supporting Cancer Re... Posted by Emma Wynne
7th June 2016
Emma Wynne speaking live on BBC Radio Northampton May 25th Emma Wynne spoke live on BBC Radio Northampton May 25th about Employing for summer work. Listen here: Posted by Emma Wynne
25th May 2016
Lindsay Baker on BBC Radio Northampton, 11th April 2016 Lindsay Baker, HR Consultant at Gateway was on BBC Radio Northampton on 11th April 2016, discussing ageism at work – in relation to both older and younger workers, and the po... Posted by Emma Wynne
18th April 2016
Gateway HR in the Business Times, February 2016 Find us in February’s Business Times discussing the trials and tribulations of recruiting and how to avoid the pitfalls of hiring the w... Posted by Emma Wynne
3rd February 2016
Lindsay live on BBC Radio Northampton Feb 2nd 2016 Discussing employee rewards and loyalty schemes- who do you reward and do they work BBC radio Northampton 2nd February 2016. Posted by Emma Wynne
2nd February 2016
Gateway HR in the Business Times, December 2015 Gateway HR appeared in the Business Times in December 2015, promoting our call for charities to apply to become our Charity of Year 2016.  Cli... Posted by Emma Wynne
10th December 2015
Gateway HR in the Northants Telegraph, November 2015 Gateway HR featured in the Northants Telegraph in November 2015, as part of our call to charities to apply to become our Charity of the Year 20... Posted by Emma Wynne
19th November 2015
Gateway HR in the Northampton Saints Programme, November 2015 Gateway HR was featured in the Northampton Saints Rugby Team European Champions Cup programme, inviting charities to apply to become our Charit... Posted by Emma Wynne
14th November 2015
Lindsay Talks live on BBC Radio Northampton about Work life balance On August the 17th 2015 Lindsay talked live on BBC Radio Northampton about Work life Balance. Listen here: Posted by Emma Wynne
18th August 2015

What our clients think

Their hands-on, down to earth approach to ‘all things HR’ is what makes Gateway stand out from the crowd. Their offering of quality, professional HR advice at an affordable price is what makes the Gateway solution a very good one. Having known and worked with Emma and her team for a number of years, I know that they deliver appropriate advice in any given situation … and not just legally compliant advice but advice that makes commercial sense too, which is essential in the running of a successful business
David Addison, Knights of Old Limited - Training client
One of the directors of our company, Rob Buxton, suggested that we may benefit from an HR audit from a BNI member, Gateway HR. At first we were sceptical about this. Firstly, nothing in life is free – ‘there’s no such thing as a free lunch’ and all that. Secondly, we’re a firm of accountants, dealing with businesses, staffing matters and so on all the time – what could Gateway possibly do for us? Firstly we can confirm that the HR audit was totally free. We were visited by one of their consultants, Lindsay Gibson, who was with us for about an hour. During this time we ran through the procedures and systems that we have in place for dealing with our staff. Shortly after the meeting we received a health check from Lindsay that clearly showed the areas in which we were good, and the areas where improvements were needed. It became apparent from the report that we didn’t know as much as we thought we did.

Lindsay suggested that we should adopt a new staff manual. We agreed with this, and the first version arrived shortly afterwards. Various amendments were needed and Gateway were happy to assist us with making as many alterations as necessary. We have found Gateway to be thoroughly professional in all of our dealings with them, and would recommend their services to any business.
Mark Stockwell, BKS Accountants - client with a Starter Pack Plus
“James Gray initially engaged Gateway HR for some advice around the departure of a senior, long-serving staff member. The advice we got was clear and concise and the team were always on hand to support decisions that were being made around contractual obligations.

Following this initial engagement, we took advantage of the RDLC offer of the HR audit and starter pack to review all our existing forms and contracts. This is great value as it gave us a new suite of compliant documents that are all consistent and tailored to us. We have also committed to a longer-term arrangement with the Peace of Mind service offering which ensures Gateway are always on hand for any guidance. We have been very happy with the support to date and look forward to continuing the relationship.”
Richard Samuels, MD, James Gray Recruitment
We started working with Gateway HR earlier this year and never fail to be impressed by their friendly, efficient service and support. Their help over the last few months has been invaluable
Krissen Jessiman, Hingerose Ltd - Monthly peace of mind subscription client
Our business is growing fast (we’ve doubled in staff in the last year) and that means dealing with a lot of employment hassles. We’re glad to have Gateway HR on our side. Not only do Emma and her team ensure we do everything correctly and legally, but they are always there when we find ourselves in a new situation. It gives us great peace of mind to know we can pick up the phone or send an email, and an expert is there to talk us through our options. Gateway HR is such a trusted adviser, that we now even recommend them to our clients. And there are very few companies we trust that much
Paul Green, Growth UK - Monthly peace of mind subscription client