This AQA accredited Level 2 course is for organisations that wish to have mental health champions in the workplace.  Mental health champions are actively promoted within the organisation as people that anyone can go and speak to for support and advice in relation to any concerns about their own or others’ mental health.

The mental health champions are also the group in the organisation that promote good mental health, manage events to support this and meet regularly with senior management to discuss any trends and need for resources from the organisation.

Duration of course:

2 days

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Your trainers

Emma Wynne FCIPD MA – is a trained Mental Health First Aider, and as a direct result of this realised that organisations need a much more practical and pragmatic approach to promoting and improving mental health in the workplace.  Emma’s background before Gateway HR was working in one of the UK’s largest mental health hospitals, and it has been an area of interest for her ever since.  She has delivered Stress Management training in many organisations, and communication workshops in many sectors.

Graham Ravenscroft – has a Level 5 Diploma in Stress Management and is a highly qualified coach and mentor.  Graham works with individuals and teams to improve communications and support within an organisation and has also delivered Stress Management training to large organisations.

Course content

The course has two main objectives:

  1. To develop the champions knowledge of mental health and how to support those who come to them for support.
  1. To establish the champions as a team within the organisation that will really make the difference in this key area and bring benefits to individuals, teams and the organisation.

Knowledge and Support

This aspect of the course covers areas including:

  • Understanding what is meant by ‘mental health ‘and that we all have mental health, and it can be in a good or poor state
  • Recognising the potential pressures that can lead to mental health issues; both in the workplace and outside
  • Getting to know the signs and symptoms of mental health deteriorating
  • Developing the skills of active listening and empathy, in order to encourage people to want to talk to them and know they will receive genuine support
  • Knowing when to maintain confidentiality and when not to (danger to self or others)
  • Basic knowledge of techniques and methods they can share with those who come to them
  • How to sign post people to the support they need.

Building the Mental Health Champions Team

This aspect will cover:

  • Supporting each other and “supervision”
  • Looking after the champions
  • Planning events (both how to generate ideas and options ideas e.g. mindfulness, guest speakers)
  • Planning communications within the organisations to increase awareness of good mental health and the role of Mental Health Champions
  • Feeding back to the senior management team / creating an action plan to implement within workplace.
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