As managers within the workplace, great leadership requires many skills and those associated with effective coaches will truly help your managers to develop your teams and individuals in their pursuance of delivering a level of excellence in their performance.

Coaching is about guiding and supporting the development of excellence along the performance pathway by encouraging those they coach, to truly explore the extent of their own maximum performance potential.

Imagine if you had the skills, training and confidence to bring effective coaching into the day to day leadership of your teams and individuals to help them develop a culture of striving for and delivering real excellence. Learning the skills, techniques and methods of the practical application of coaching will allow you to create managers that know how to develop to become highly performing.

Duration of course:

1 day with the option of a 2nd day follow up

Style of delivery

This course is for anyone involved in managing people, whether supervisors, team leaders, line managers, senior managers or CEO’s.  The course is interactive with lots of discussion and opportunity to share the ideas and experiences of the tutor and those attending. It will look at some of the principles and theory that underpins the art of managers delivering effective coaching within their day to day leadership.

Course content

The aim of the course is:

  • To improve managers’ understanding of the benefits coaching can bring to the workplace and working relationships generally.
  • To embed coaching techniques into management conversations within the chosen teams
  • To develop managers to be more reflective of their own performance and management style.
  • To ensure that employees receiving coaching are seeing the benefits (change in management style, feeling more independent/autonomous).