As a team we have been designing and delivering management and leadership qualifications for over 20 years and have built a great reputation for courses that really help people to develop and practice their management skills – and make a difference back in the workplace. Our ‘open’ courses are all accredited by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and are currently available at Level 3.

We also run inhouse courses for organisations who want to upskill several members of their team. These can be tailored using units that focus on the areas of management and leadership that will benefit your organisation the most.  All courses are offered at Level 3 and at Level 5 and will be accredited by either the CMI or the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), according to your preference and/or the combination of units chosen.

Don’t forget, if you have subscribed to one of our HR packages, you may be able to use your training credits toward the cost.

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Principles in Management and Leadership – CMI Level 3 Certificate (open course)

This course is ideal for team leaders, first line managers and those aspiring to reach these roles. Often our delegates have been in these roles for some time but have never had any training.

Delegates learn what it takes to be a great leader and inspire those they manage to perform to their highest potential, and develop and practice the skills to do this back at work. We also look at the challenges that managers can face when managing a team and the knowledge and skills needed to manage these situations.

Coaching and Mentoring – CMI Level 3 Certificate (open course)

This course is for any one who would like to develop their skills and confidence in being a coach, or who wants to encourage a ‘coaching culture’ within their organisation. Delegates come from a variety of backgrounds and roles, including managers, HR professionals and those working in coaching who want to strengthen their CV with a qualification to show they are accredited coaches.

Delegates learn to appreciate the value that coaching can add to individuals, teams and businesses. The course is incredibly interactive and participative so that by the end of the course they have the skills, confidence and ability to coach others.

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