Do you have everything in place to safeguard you and your employees?

You’d be surprised to learn how often we have business owners come to us for help because they’ve copied a contract or policy they found online for use in their business, only to find it wasn’t the best idea!  The problem only comes to light when a problematic situation arises and they discover the document conflicts with policy, or isn’t compliant with current law and they face a potential employment tribunal.

There is a lot of legislation relating to employing people, so it’s important that you have everything in place to safeguard both you and your employees as far as possible.  That’s why we would urge all employers to seek professional advice when it comes to HR documentation.

Gateway Starter Packs

If you’re getting ready to employ your first member of staff, or if you already have a small team but you’re unsure if your documents are in order, our starter pack is for you. This is designed to save you time and give you reassurance that your documents are covered.  We have a range of packages to suit all business needs.  If you choose our Enhanced or Optimum Starter Pack, our HR Consultants liaise with you throughout the process, ensuring your documents are fully personalised to your business needs.

What’s included? Standard

£345 + VAT


£565 + VAT


£725 + VAT

Online questionnaire
Upload company logo
Generic editable Word documents
Personalised editable Word documents
Contract of employment
New employee documentation including:
Offer letter, Asylum and Immigration documentation, new starter form, induction checklist
Standard employee handbook including:
Disciplinary Policy
Equal Opportunities Policy
General Data Protection Policy
Grievance Policy
Health and Safety Policy
IT and Security Policy
Performance Management Policy
Training and Development Policy
Probation Policy
Types of Leave Policies (including annual leave, sickness, parental leave etc.)
Extended employee handbook including:
Alcohol, Drugs, Legal Highs and Smoking
Dress Code and Appearance
Flexible Working Policy
General housekeeping; security, personal possessions, expenses, telephone etc
Harassment and Bullying Policy
Health and Wellbeing Policy
Homeworking Policy
Personal Relationships at Work Policy
Redundancy Policy
Social Media & Communications Policy
Whistleblowing Policy
Additional bespoke contract of employment and 1 policy, or 2 bespoke policies
One hour HR Consultant time via phone or Zoom (to be used within 3 months of sign up)
Option to pay in 2 instalments
(contact us for details)

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