Schools are continuously being asked to operate in a financially driven environment.  We use our extensive knowledge of people, employment law and business productivity and combine it with knowledge of school settings to support Headteachers and Senior Leadership Teams to;

  • Successfully manage restructures and re-organisations maintaining employee engagement
  • Support heads of departments and managers in managing their employees through sickness or personal development
  • Develop policies that are considerate of the alternative rules for employing teachers but are inclusive for all support staff
  • Ensure that school values are applicable for all staff as well as students
  • Manage employee issues in line with values and legislation
  • Develop teams to their full potential to ensure high performance.

All of this whilst being considerate of budgets and constraints within the school.  We have set up a specific pricing structure that takes consideration of the 39 week academic year and we won’t commit you to long-term contracts – we only have a 3 month notice period.

In schools where there is an HR provision we can support and mentor the HR support providing additional value to the member of staff and the school.

Contact us to find out how we can help your school or college.