Are you legally compliant?

If your business doesn’t have a dedicated HR department it’s possible that your documentation will go out of date quite quickly. That’s because employment law is changing all the time and unless you have your eye firmly on the ball, many of these changes may simply fall under your radar.

Failing to keep your documents up-to-date can leave your business open to risk. If something should go wrong and your contracts of employment or your handbook don’t accurately reflect your policies or comply with employment law, you run the risk of being taken to tribunal, which could prove costly.

Say ‘yes’ with confidence

Our HR audit will help ensure your compliance with employment law and make recommendations to improve operations and performance.  Offering a number of levels to suit your needs, our audits review HR policies, procedures, documentation and systems.

During the HR audit we will gather a range of information relating to your current HR practice before analysing its relevance, effectiveness and compliance with employment law. We will then provide a report of our findings which will identify any documentation you are missing and highlight areas where you may be failing to sufficiently protect your business.  It will also include recommendations to improve current practice and reduce the risk of litigation. The ‘optimum’ HR audit includes an assessment of your culture and the alignment of your values, and a leadership and engagement review. In addition, you will benefit from telephone consultations both during and following the audit process to discuss your options and any queries you have with regards to HR practice.

Don’t have any HR policies? Check out our HR Starter Packs.

What’s included? Enhanced Audit

£449 + VAT

Optimum Audit

£629 + VAT

Online questionnaire
Upload 1 employment contract
Upload up to 8 HR policies
Option to upload an additional 4 HR documents (employment contracts/policies)
Initial phone consultation
Personalised report
Follow up phone call
Option to spread the cost
(contact us for details)

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