Book all 6 workshops in the Sales Boot Camp series and get 6 for the price of 5

Workshop 1: Sales Essentials

Workshop 2: Negotiation

Workshop 3: Managing Accounts

Workshop 4: Developing Winning Presentations

Workshop 5: The Emotionally Intelligent Seller

Workshop 6: Consultative Selling

“When we worked with Gateway to develop our Sales & Negotiation training we didn’t realise how important the program would be to us, or that James [Blackmore-Wright] would prove to be one of our most highly rated trainers.  What started as a one-off course for part of the team was then rolled out across the whole Roofing section of the business.  The concepts and tools not only make sense to our business, but are being used by our Jewson colleagues to make a difference every day.  It’s always important to work with people who care about our business as much as we do.  When we wanted to book a speaker to motivate and refresh our sales team at our National conference this Autumn, we made sure we booked James from Gateway HR.”  Ed Smith, Jewson Roofing.
“Excellent training, direct and relevant, interactive and thought provoking”  Vraitch Vision delegate