When people are genuinely ill you want to support, look after and help back to work; which this seminar will help you to do. However, if you think someone is taking the ‘mick’ we can help manage this too!

Join Gateway HR and Valentine Occupational Health, to see how you can improve the management of sickness in your organisation.

Occupational health services have a clear value. Improving the health of the working population; supporting the prevention of work-related illnesses; and helping to prevent avoidable sickness absence through the provision of early interventions for those who develop a health condition.  They can also increase the efficiency and productivity of organisations.

Here at Gateway we are renowned for our informative and practical seminars and workshops, so come along and see how we can help you.

We have a talk from our in house HR expert Gwyneth Hodgkinson, who can talk you through some of the positive ways you can improve the outcome, when managing sickness in your organisation.  With a few tales to tell along the way about when it can go wrong!

Valentine Occupational Health will also be joining us to speak to you about how Occupational Health can work for you. Valentine are quite unique, as they offer a bespoke solution, and are led by commercially minded professionals.  They understand the importance of timely and accurate communication.  They can also talk you through the risk and best options, whilst navigating the legislation around this area.

For further information give us a call on 01536 215240 or email Info@gatewayhr.com