The purpose of the course is to give the attendees a broad understanding of what equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) means to an organisation and the importance of it for all stakeholders.  The focus of the session is on developing an awareness of EDI and the benefits that it can bring to a team and organisations.  Participants will be provided with the practical knowledge, skills and awareness to practise and champion fair non-discriminatory behaviours.

The course is available as a half day or full day workshop.  the half day is suitable for staff at all levels.  The full day is for managers/leaders, during which participants are given the opportunity to look at what their organisation does now in this area, and what they feel could be added to further champion positive behaviours.

Duration of course:

1/2 day session (all staff)

Full day (managers/leaders)

Style of delivery

The training is very interactive with lots of scope for discussion and debate.  It is also at times quite challenging in terms of looking at assumptions, and at how discrimination can occur even when it is not intended (unconscious bias).

Course content

The half day workshop covers:

  • Diversity and Inclusion – Not just a tick box exercise
    Demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
    Understand the Impacts of discrimination to organisational success.
  • Keeping it legal…. And beyond
    Understanding your legal responsibilities
    The ability to move beyond compliance to moral and business benefits.
  • Hidden Prejudices – Unconscious Bias
    Understanding when and why we make decisions/choices that discriminate against different groups.
    Raising bias from unconscious to conscious level
  • Banter or Bullying?
    Raising self-awareness of the impact of words and actions

The full day workshop covers all of the above, plus:

  • Inclusive Leadership 
    Exploring respect at work and what that means
    Speaking out and having courageous conversations
    Embedding a culture of embracing diversity, inclusion, equality and respect throughout
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