“You can’t buy time, save time or stop time – although we may continue to use these terms. You can only use it – wisely or otherwise.” Michael Armstrong.

Being able to manage your time effectively is a key skill for staff at all levels to ensure that they are making the best contribution to the organisation in the time they are at work, and can also help them in their life outside work. The impact of time management training on employees can be huge, and results not only in more effective performance but also reduced stress and improved focus.

Duration of course:

1 day

Style of delivery

The training is very interactive, with some practical exercises to help participants put what they are learning into practice. Participants are asked to complete a time-log for up to two weeks before the course, to help them understand how they currently use their time. This time-log will also be used to analyse how they have spent their time, and consider practical ways to make improvements.

Course content

The course will include:

  • Considering the benefits of good time management
  • Identifying the main issues surrounding managing time
  • Analysing time-logs and identifying the main “time robbers”
  • Problem-solving these “time robbers”
  • Assessing how the participants’ time is spent, using the Franklin Covey time matrix
  • Explanation of the time matrix and how time should be spent
  • Learning to set goals and planning to be more effective
  • Planning and prioritising workloads
  • Discussing perfectionism and procrastination.
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