Being able to communicate effectively is a vital life skill and can therefore be used in all aspects of life from work to relationships outside of work in the family, with friends and in social situations. All too often when things do not go as we had expected and in the worse cases go spectacularly wrong it often boils down to poor communication somewhere within the situation.

It is very easy to blame others for not communicating effectively but this workshop will help you to analyse your own, and others’, communication and learn from that what makes it effective or ineffective and therefore plan to make changes for the better.

Duration of course:

1/2 day

Style of delivery

This workshop is very interactive and uses a wide variety of exercises to explain, demonstrate and put in to practice the learning. These include the use of storytelling and active listening in communication and practical demonstrations of the importance of body language.

Course objectives

  • To define the basics of effective communication and the benefits of it
  • Identifying why and how we communicate
  • To identify some of the barriers to effective communication and suggest ways to overcome them
  • To recognise how communication affects relationships
  • To understand the importance of body language and personal space.
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