We all hope that we won’t ever have to deal with a disciplinary issue at work. However, if and when such an issue does occur, you need to understand the process and your role in it, know how to handle the various parts of the process within the law, and fully understand the possible outcomes. This workshop will talk and walk you through the process, and – just as importantly – will look at how you can avoid reaching the disciplinary stage, through effective management and through ‘nipping things in the bud’.

Duration of course:

One full day

Style of delivery

The workshop is very interactive, and uses a wide variety of exercises to explain, demonstrate and put into practice the learning. You will have the opportunity to discuss real-life scenarios and look at practical examples to help you consider how you would react to, and handle, a variety of issues. You will leave with a thorough understanding of the full disciplinary process, from identifying an issue, through to determining the outcome and next steps for the employee.

Course content

Participants will:

  • Look at when and how disciplinary issues might arise, and learn how to recognise a disciplinary issue
  • Have the opportunity to look at and discuss their own company’s disciplinary policy, or consider what the policy needs to include if one still needs to be written
  • Gain an understanding of the legal aspects of the disciplinary process, and what you can (and can’t) do within employment law
  • Consider the key components of a disciplinary process, including the investigation, the hearing itself, the outcome of the hearing, and the follow up steps
  • Consider what happens if the employee appeals against the outcome of the hearing
  • Look at the difference between ‘misconduct’ and ‘gross misconduct’, and consider when dismissal would be appropriate
  • Look at what records to keep
  • Consider the skills needed to maintain discipline at work, and avoid getting to the stage of a formal disciplinary process.