Assertiveness skills are a vital life skill and can be used in all aspects of life, including work and personal relationships and in social situations. Having an understanding of assertiveness and being able to be assertive will boost your confidence, giving you  every chance of getting the best outcomes from situations.

Duration of course:

1 day

Style of delivery

This course is interactive, with opportunities for you to test out learning as they go along. It aims to enable you to be more effective, positive and  competent in the workplace (and in life outside work), by learning to be firm but fair with colleagues. It will help in planning for realistic change and enable you to realise the benefits of assertive behaviour. You will learn to say no effectively, give and receive criticism, and recognise and deal with fear.

Course content

During the workshop you will:

  • Establish what assertiveness is, and understand each attendee’s main style
  • Identify the different types of behaviour and how to recognise them in yourself and others Gain an understanding of why you and others behave in certain ways in different situations
  • Gain the ability to calm aggression or overcome passivity
  • Plan to change how you behave in situations that you want to be able to deal with differently e.g. to be less passive or less aggressive
  • Learn and practice assertiveness techniques
  • Develop a renewed confidence and gain techniques to stand up for yourself in any situation
  • Earn the respect of your colleagues, family and friends as you start saying what you really mean, even in difficult situations
  • Develop an action plan to put your new found knowledge and skills into practice.