There are going to be occasions when you know you need to tackle an issue with an employee, but the thought of doing so is uncomfortable.  Whether it be an issue with performance, conduct or personal issues, delivering the right message is crucial if you want to avoid damaging employment relationships.  Although managers may have no problem identifying that there is a problem, often it is avoided and brushed under the carpet.  However, we all know what happens – it festers until it can no longer be ignored and then the problem is much harder to deal with.

Imagine if you had the skills, training and confidence to give you the best possible chance of resolving situations; to find the answers to issues that you thought were irreversible. Wouldn’t that be an investment in time worth spending?

This course is for anyone involved in managing people, whether supervisors, team leaders, line managers, senior managers or HR professionals.

Duration of course:

1 day

Style of delivery

The course is interactive, and will look at practical, real-life scenarios.  There will be plenty of opportunity to discuss the handling of difficult situations and conversations, and a chance to test out the new skills that you acquire.  During the course, we use case studies and participants’ own examples to look at how best to tackle those conversations, and to establish the desired outcomes.

Course content

During this workshop you will:

  • Appreciate the types of issues that lead to the need for a courageous conversation
  • Understand why we avoid having these conversations, and the true cost of avoiding them
  • Establish what behaviours make “difficult” employees “difficult”
  • Gain an understanding of how we react to situations, through an introduction to “emotional intelligence”
  • Consider techniques for having difficult conversations, and test some of these out.