In a litigious world we all look for ways of building engagement and avoiding conflict. Unfortunately this isn’t always possible, or is it? Imagine if you had the skills and training to give you the best possible chance of resolving situations; to find the answers to disputes that you thought were irreversible. Wouldn’t that be an investment in your company?

Using a combination of academic research, with MA level teaching and the most up to date psychology we can offer a course that is both rewarding and educational with the benefit of peace of mind. This workshop looks to uncover the main causes of conflict, particularly in the workplace, with the overall aim of helping delegates to become more proactive in how they manage potential conflict before it becomes actual conflict.

Duration of course:

1/2 day option

Who should attend

Anyone involved in managing people, whether line managers, senior managers or HR professionals. This course is also beneficial for individuals who are interested in avoiding conflict following tribunal cases.

Course outcomes

  • An appreciation of the true cost of conflict to organisations
  • An understanding of the main causes of conflict, ensuring that it is the cause not the symptoms being focused on
  • The ability to recognise the signs of conflict in individuals, teams and organisations
  • To learn and practice conflict management techniques and share experiences
  • An understanding how to conduct formal processes if there is no other option
  • An introduction to the use of mediation