The pace of change for employers and employees can often feel relentless and too fast-moving. Having a workforce that is open to change and willing to adapt can make introducing and coping with change a much smoother and more positive process. The keys to effective change management are planning ahead, knowing and understanding your team, and communicating effectively. Often one, or even all of these elements, can be overlooked. This course will help you understand the reasons for change; why change is often resisted; how you can manage change more effectively, bringing your team on board as you go; and how to cope with change yourself.

Duration of course:

1/2 day or full day option

Style of delivery

This course can be delivered as a half-day workshop, or as a full day. The session is very interactive, and uses a range of exercises and real-life examples. It is relevant to anyone who wants to improve how they react to or manage change in a variety of situations. In particular it will help employers and employees who are going through, or are about to go through, significant changes in the workplace.

Course content

The course will:

  • Look at internal or external reasons or factors for change in the workplace
  • Identify potential benefits of change in the workplace
  • Examine team members’ possible attitudes and responses to change at work
  • Identify potential barriers to change in the workplace, and look at why staff often resist change
  • Consider how such barriers and resistance can be managed and overcome
  • Look at how a team leader can implement and support change in the workplace.