How to deal with absence and sickness (not always the same thing!) are hot topics with many of our clients. This course will help you understand the true costs of absence.  It will consider the causes and most importantly, will look at what you can do about it, how to prevent absence and minimise any negative impacts on your business.

Duration of course:

1/2 day or full day option

Style of delivery

The course will involve a mixture of teaching, group work and discussion, and will include discussing real life
problems and case studies.

The course can be delivered in person or online.

Course content

Both the half day and full day course will cover:

  • The difference between short and long term sickness, as they are very different and are managed very differently
  • The importance of managing absence
  • The cost to business of high absence
  • Common causes of absence
  • How to formally manage someone’s absence from work
  • What you can do to support employees returning to work, and what your ‘duty of care’ as an employer includes.

The full day also covers:

  • What you can do if you suspect that someone has “pulled a sickie”
  • What is a “normal” level of sickness absence for your business
  • How to prevent employees from being absent (rather than just dealing with the consequences)
  • How to improve well-being at work, and reduce stress, which can be a key cause of absence
  • Putting all of the above in to action using real life case studies to practice on!