We are sometimes asked ‘Why do we need to have workplace coaching?’ There are a range of benefits associated with implementing a coaching programme in your organisation.

Helping staff adapt to change

One of the greatest challenges in any company is managing change; whether it is related to organisational change or developments outside of company control. It can be a substantial trial for staff to get to grips with changing job responsibilities.

Workplace coaching can help staff to understand that change can be good, shifting their mindset from a negative to a positive one. This helps remove the fear factor from something that is ultimately a fact of modern working life.

Improves productivity

The productivity gap in the UK is an ongoing and difficult issue. I have seen slow rates of productivity growth over the past decade, with output and salaries no higher today than they were prior to the global financial crisis in 2008.

Workplace coaching can play an integral role in supporting individuals to feel more confident and achieve real progress in their performance. Coaching line managers or leadership teams can in turn lead to improved productivity by the team as a whole.

Staff feel valued

Coaching, by its very nature, helps individuals feel more valued. Introducing workplace coaching provides a compelling message to employees that they are valued, that their views matter, and that they are worthy of investment. This promotes a more inclusive culture within the organisation and helps staff feel motivated and engaged with their work.

Assists in the return to work

Another benefit of coaching in the workplace is in supporting staff returning to work following a break. Whether this is long term sick, parental leave or a career break, consideration is essential. Without appropriate support it can take months to get back up to speed and feel like part of the team again.

By putting into place regular sessions that build on confidence and focus, coaches help to ensure that the return to work process doesn’t impact on confidence or motivation.

Dealing with challenges more confidently

Coaches are equipped with the tools and techniques to help you develop your confidence and self belief. Workplace coaching is designed to help you raise your self-esteem and create a positive outlook on life, starting from within. The aim is to help you challenge any limiting beliefs that you have about yourself, boost your self-esteem and build a strong self-image.

Workplace coaching – A word from one of our learners

We asked one of our recent delegates, Richard Liverman of Richer Solutions, to write about how completing our Coaching and Mentoring course has impacted on his working life.

’I have always believed that you should do what you love and be great at it. Over the past 12 months I have worked to develop my skills so that I would be able to set up my own business. I was determined to build my dream, my business, my new happy place after 19 years working in marketing and sales.

Throughout my career I have been very fortunate to experience superb coaching and mentoring which helped to shape and guide me. I have always been interested in this area, and had natural skills that would lend itself well. Having natural skills doesn’t make you an expert… there are lots of people over the past 5 years that have become coaches and mentors. I didn’t want to become ‘just another coach.’ To start my journey I wanted knowledge, structure, a framework and support.

I was aware that a CMI qualification could provide this structure. It could give me the resources I needed to make the jump to having my own business. What I didn’t expect was the quality of how the course was delivered by the Gateway HR team. It was more than just learning a course, it was about understanding it and being able to practically implement the content into my business.

Graham, who led the delivery, was an inspiring tutor. The other candidates and I got so much more than just learning the content. We learned ways to be a quality mentor and coach.  As a result, I use the depth of knowledge and the frameworks daily with my clients. The real benefit was the energy of the course, which I have taken into my company and my work.

The testimonials on my website and google reviews are the best way of explaining how the course benefited me, and my customers, I love my business and I am grateful for the experience and training I received from Gateway.’

Do you want to unlock your people potential?

Coaching and mentoring skills can help you achieve a variety of goals. Perhaps you are looking to encourage the sharing of innovative ideas; help develop talented individuals along their career paths; or build resilience in people so they are more ready to face challenges that may lie ahead.

If this sounds likes your cup of tea, our Gateway HR Level 3 CMI certificate in Coaching and Mentoring course starts on 27th October. Just check out our course page for bookings and more information.

We are holding a FREE online taster session on 21st September 9.30-11.30am. The full course will be introduced and give a flavour of what will be covered. To book yourself a place visit our event page.