2019 HR Trends

Posted on 27th February 2019

The world of HR is ever evolving, which is a good thing of course because the world of employment is forever changing (and I promise to not mention the “B” word in this blog!).

It’s important to stay current and for HR to work in a strategic way by looking at the trends of previous years, but also making sound predictions of what the future will hold.

Employee Engagement

One thing is certain, employee engagement is high on the priority list! It’s not always about engaging people by throwing a higher salary at them, because once you’ve done that has anything else actually changed? Is their working environment different? Have you learnt anything else about their aspirations? Why they like or dislike working for you?

Engaging with people in a variety of ways can quite often have a positive effect on employee productivity and retention within an organisation.

A very small selection of the many things that you could consider:

  • Employee engagement surveys – with some well thought out questions, these are a great way to establish what’s going on within your organisation. They can be anonymous so this way you’re more likely to get honesty!
  • Recognising achievements – everyone loves a bit of recognition, whether in the form of a shout out to the office, wider business or even a certificate for employee of the month. Personally, I’m happy to just receive something along the lines of an occasional chocolate bar for my efforts (easily pleased!).
  • Wellness programmes – with all the talk recently around Mental Health, let’s look at providing employees with a positive environment. Mini sessions could be held and will give you an opportunity to cover physical, mental and financial aspects in every day life.
Training and Development

Engagement also links in to another area for focus in 2019 which is training and development. As shown in a recent CIPD report (making the UK’s skills systems world class), the UK performed poorly in comparison to other countries. A large percentage of organisations have low skillsets and subsequently low value roles. Between 2015-18 there has been a decrease in employers offering training and development opportunities for their staff.

A key focus is to look at ways to develop your employees by looking at training opportunities and having those discussions to seek information of employees’ goals and aspirations. This can assist organisations with their retention, showing employees that they are invested in their learning and careers.

Probably a good time to mention that we offer some fantastic workshops covering a variety of different areas and recognised qualifications with the ILM and CMI (speedy sales pitch over!)

Diversity in the Workplace

Although many organisations are pushing to become more diverse by focussing on inclusion around gender, ethnicity, culture, age and LGBTQ, identifying individuals when recruiting, we could still be doing more.

Did you know that research conducted by McKinsey & Company (2017) identified that diversity in the workplace has a strong correlation to better financial performance? They go on to explain that this is because they are better able to attract top talent, improve customer orientation, employee satisfaction and decision making.

An important focus when recruiting is taking away the opportunity for “unconscious biases” at the screening stage and just focussing on the skills and competencies of the applicant.

Some organisations are starting to look at technology as an answer to assist with this by putting in place applicant tracking systems (ATS) to automate and streamline the initial screening process. These systems can often be programmed to rate applications which best fit the criteria for specific roles, reducing human biases.

Food for thought hey!

If you’d like our help in relation to any of the above, such as finding out a little more about what training we offer, how we can assist you with your employee engagement, or indeed anything else, give us a call on 01536 215240
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Charlotte Batchelor
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