The Reasons Businesses Outsource their HR

Posted on 1st August 2016

So far 2016 seems to have been busier than ever – which is great. Of course I would say this is partly due to word spreading about the value we are adding to business but it is also a general trend that more people are outsourcing, both to keep staff costs down and to find the right skill sets.

As we all know HR can be a complex function and a bit of a minefield because of the frequent changes in employment law and compliance requirements, and that’s just the boring parts let alone wanting to be an employer of choice and have an engaged workforce; the stuff that adds value!

As mentioned in previous blogs, many of our clients came to us initially because they had an urgent need, and often that is a tricky situation such as a disciplinary issue or performance problems. However, once we have solved the initial problem we then work with them to look at what caused the issue in the first place and what we can help them put in place both in the short and long term to reduce the chances of it happening again.

Other clients come to us as their business has grown and they know they need to get their HR “right” but do not have the expertise or time to do it themselves. Equally, as a business owner I know how many hats you have to wear and if HR is not your area of expertise it makes sense to talk to someone who is an expert. I certainly would not attempt to do the role of our bookkeeper or accountant! It also gives business owners the chance to reduce their workload and get some work-life balance back if there is one less thing on their to do list!

Clients may choose to outsource the whole of their HR needs or pick areas where they need the most help. The most common of these are developing performance management processes, recruitment and management development.

Gateway HR has been around for a number of years now, and there is still no such thing as a “typical” client, which I have to be honest is one of the many reasons I love what we do; every day is different. We have though over the years developed services to fit the most common needs we come across, and these offer peace of mind to our clients that their HR is “covered” in terms of compliance, but more importantly they have a team of experts to call on whenever they need us.   To find out more about how we can help you reap the benefits of outsourced HR then have a look at our services, or give us a call on 01536 215240 – we’d love to hear from you.

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Emma Wynne
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