Right to Request Flexible Working – Don’t Panic

Posted on 30th June 2014

There has been plenty in the media today about the widening of the right to request flexible working. Some of the reporting has been accurate and helpful, some of it has been poor, sensationalist and mischievous.

Should businesses be worried? The straight answer is no. While the right has been extended to anyone (with over 26 weeks service), the prescriptive way of responding has been removed and a business can of course always say no if it wants to.

All businesses large and small should take this opportunity to review their current policy and make the necessary changes, communicate those changes and should any requests come in, consider them properly, respond in a timely fashion and be fair and reasonable.

I’m happy to help anyone who wants to ensure that they have their “ducks in a row” and can conduct a free audit of HR policies, contracts etc if required. I can also offer a Starter Pack for small business that would include everything needed to employ someone, maybe for the first time.

Senior Consultant at Gateway HR

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Written by:
Ashley Heeley
Senior HR Consultant