Is Your Team Fighting Fit for 2016?

Posted on 5th January 2016


As 2016 kicks into full swing, people’s focus is starting to switch from the merriment of the festive activities, to a little self-improvement.


Whether it’s a resolution to lose weight, to be more active, to cut down on alcohol, or just to lead a generally healthier lifestyle, January is the prime time for taking action on these goals. Certainly in our office we are all working towards healthier goals and are lucky enough to have Corporate Membership at Kettering Park Hotel and Spa as a benefit to help us with this.

And whilst this is great on an individual level, the benefits don’t end there. Having a workforce with a great sense of wellbeing can also do wonders for your business. Focused and personally fulfilled employees are in a better position to contribute to your strategic goals, and are much more likely to boost the morale of those around them.

Rather than just sitting back and watching though whilst your staff head off to sign up for their gym memberships, you can play a role in helping them to get off to the best possible start.


Here are a few things you might want to consider.


Team up with health-focused local businesses to create a wellbeing event on-site:


There will be tons of businesses in your local area that help people to get fit and lead a healthier lifestyle. Think gyms, fitness instructors and personal trainers, weight loss classes, and providers of balanced and nutritious food. Have you ever thought about inviting these businesses into your workplace for the day, or even just over the course of the lunch break? It’s a chance for your employees to get some really valuable information for free, and this type of event can be a real motivator in the new year.

Of course, it’s also a great way to create connections with local entrepreneurs, and you never know what this could lead to in the future. Make sure any such initiatives are well communicated, so everyone knows that they’re welcome to get involved.


Put healthy eating back on the menu:


Are you allowing your staff to make the right choices with their diet? Yes, what your staff choose to have for lunch is largely down to them, and you can’t force anyone to change their eating habits. What you need to ensure though is that you’re giving them the freedom to make the best possible choice for them.

Are your on-site vending machines filled with fizzy drinks and chocolate? Are nightshift workers left with whatever happens to be leftover? Are sweets the only option when it comes to work-time grazing?

If so, consider making changes. Where possible, empower people to make the right decisions.


Readdress work-life balance:


All too often, business owners take the narrow viewpoint that they only really need to be concerned with what happens in the workplace. It’s really important though that you strike an effective balance between getting the most out of people whilst they’re at work, and ensuring that there isn’t a culture of employees staying as late as they can at the office, and not getting the time they need to relax, and come back the next day feeling refreshed.

Can you honestly say that you’re helping your workers to minimise stress? Think about keeping meetings short and succinct, and lead by example by not taking your work home with you (and of course, don’t expect anyone else to do this either on a regular basis).

You don’t need to have a huge budget, a large network of connections, or access to specialised resources to play a part in promoting wellbeing to your employees. These tactics are easily accessible, and the benefits can be far reaching for your business.


Need a little help when it comes to designing your very own wellbeing initiative in the workplace? Give us a call today on 01536 215 240 for a no-obligation discussion about your options.

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Written by:
Emma Wynne
Managing Director