Is suspension necessary? Our thoughts on the Jeremy Clarkson controversy

Posted on 11th March 2015

Is suspension necessary? Is aggression in the workplace ever acceptable? and what do you do if it’s your star employee causing the issues?

Well firstly suspension is not a disciplinary action, in a volatile situation sometimes it can be the only way that a fair investigation can take place.
Secondly, no – we would not accept aggression of any form directed at ourselves, friends or family members at any time, so why is this ‘OK’ in the workplace – and all this before we get to the legal stuff!
Lastly, it can be a tricky situation, however, are they really your star employees if they are making the working environment unpleasant?

Lindsay from Gateway HR discuses with Helen Blaby on BBC Radio Northampton on the 11th March 2015 some of the issues surrounding the latest Jeremy Clarkson controversy.

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Emma Wynne
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