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HR Services

Comprehensive HR packages and services, designed to suit all organisations and companies across a variety of sectors


HR packages


Our HR packages are designed with you in mind. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a small business looking for guidance on hiring your first employee or you’re a large organisation that requires support with people management and development; you’re certain to find the support that best suits you.

We work with businesses across a variety of sectors on issues that range from basic documentation right through to complex restructures and responding to Employment Tribunal claims.

Our HR Starter packages (HR Starter and HR Starter Plus) are better suited to start-up and small businesses. Our Retained HR packages (HR Advisor, HR Manager and HR Director) are better suited to medium and large businesses and organisations.  In addition, we offer a monthly “peace of mind” subscription – this if for businesses who do not need us on site every month, but still want the peace of mind that all their key documents in relation to managing people are legally compliant and up to date, and that they can pick up the phone to an expert at any time without worrying what it is going to cost.

Click here to find out about our HR starter packages and our specialist services

Click here to find out about our retained HR packages and our specialist servicesour services for retained clients are delivered on-site so that we can get a firm understanding of your working environment and tailor our HR services to match your specific requirements.

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HR Audit


Are your HR documents and processes working for your business or against it?  Let our consultants review your document HR documents and give you constructive feedback.  Click here to find out more about our HR audit service.

HR Document Library

Our HR Document Library contains common HR documents that you will need if you are recruiting and interviewing, managing performance, handling a disciplinary or grievance, dealing with a request for flexible working, or managing sickness absences, or if you have staff who are entitled to parental leave.  The Document Library provides template letters, forms and checklists to help you with all of these situations, as well as other HR ‘challenges’.

Access to the Document Library is just £149+VAT per year, and you can sign up here.  Or if you sign up to our monthly Peace of Mind service, then access to the Document Library is included as part of your package.  If you already have a username and password for the Document Library, then you can access it here.


Additional services


In addition to our HR packages, you can also make the most of our consultants’ experience and knowledge with our stand-alone services.  The additional services that we offer are listed below.  Please give us a call on 01536 215240, or drop an email to, to find out more about any of these.

  • Training


    We offer a fantastic range of training courses, and can design training packages or one-off courses to meet your needs; click here to visit our Training page.
  • DBS (previously called CRB) check service

    DBS (previously called CRB) check services

    Our DBS service is ideal for clients whose businesses require full checks on some or all of their employees. Our HR team will be able to at advise you on whether or not the DBS check is necessary or indeed permitted at all. The service can be either paper based or completed online depending on your preference. By using this service checks can be completed on one or hundreds of members of staff. Tell us how many employees you want us to check and we’ll get down to work. All of our consultants have experience in the HR process surrounding DBS; from incorporating it into the recruitment process to advising clients on what to do should a check highlight convictions they are unaware of. We are also able to conduct re-checks for organisations where this is a requirement.
  • HR administration

    HR administration

    In addition to our HR consultancy for our retained clients, we are also able to offer HR administration services. For larger clients this means you’ll have someone to keep on top of HR piling and inputting rather than the consultant. By doing this, personal files and software systems are always up-to-date, freeing up the consultant’s time to work on the more ‘technical’ HR aspects of the business.
  • Customer surveys

    Customer surveys

    You may think that customer surveys have nothing to do with HR. If so, we’ll happily tell you that they are very important. We’ve conducted a number of customer surveys for clients and seen fantastic improvements as a result. We split our customer surveys into two categories. The first is to establish how happy the customer is with the services on offer and highlight any areas for improvement. From this we are able to identify the key training needs for the teams concerned. These areas for improvement can then be addressed, adding value to the business as a whole. The second category, is a thorough ‘mystery shopper’ survey. This helps to establish how proactive the sales team is and how good customer services are, and gives a general overview of the journey through your business. This results in follow-up training for the sales and customer services teams with great results.
  • Employee satisfaction and engagement surveys

    Employee satisfaction and engagement surveys

    Our managing director Emma completed her MA in HRM in 2010. Her passion and interest in the area has continued and she now works closely with businesses of all sizes on employee engagement. Her expertise and knowledge help to deliver incredible benefits for businesses in terms of improved customer services, increased innovation, reduced costs and increased profits. This service is particularly useful for senior management teams that recognise when their team is de-motivated, but aren’t quite sure what is causing low morale. We meet with employees from all departments to discuss their concerns and work with them over a period of time. We’re then able to turn this into a workshop for managers on how to motivate their teams and keep the business thriving.
  • Mediation services

    Mediation services

    Often when a resolution to conflict of any size seems impossible, the involvement of an impartial third party can be extremely beneficial. We offer mediation services to businesses, resulting in impartial options for the parties involved. We also aim to supply you with observations and recommendations for change when conflict has spiraled out of control. We’ve enjoyed the opportunity to work with businesses in a variety of sectors on issues involving various allegations and complete breakdowns in working relationships. We’ll give you important pointers on how to deal with the situations should they arise again.
  • 360 degree feedback and appraisals

    360 degree feedback and appraisals

    The value of feedback can never by underestimated. We all like to know when we are doing a good job, but feedback is also vital when there are areas that need improvement. 360 degree feedback is an online system that gathers feedback from people involved in all aspects of your professional life. This includes managers, colleagues, direct reports, customers and even suppliers. It enables us to compile an individual feedback report for you. We work with entire organisations that want to adopt this approach at some or all levels of their organisation and also with individuals who would like this feedback. We have several enquiries from business owners who do not yet employ anyone but recognise how valuable feedback will be from customers, suppliers, people they network with and, in some case, past employers.