We have an ILM-accredited course (Institute of Leadership and Management) starting on 30th January 2018 and running until the summer.  This will cover team working, mentoring, stress management, change and innovation, and developing staff.  Please see here for further details of the course: ILM flyer and click here for the costs:  ILM costs.  The costs shown are for all the workshops listed, and include registration with the ILM, workshop delivery and resources.

Anyone who has already completed the ILM Level 3 Certificate could complete this course in order to gain enough credits to achieve the ILM Level 3 Diploma.  Anyone wishing to do the ILM Level 3 Certificate, who has not previously completed any ILM modules, could complete the six modules listed, and then complete an additional final module to gain enough credits for the certificate. Completing an additional module for the Certificate would incur an additional cost to the price given here.  Please contact Vicki Turner to discuss this – 01536 215240.