Employing people – is it really that scary

Posted on 23rd September 2013

Employing People – is it really that scary?

I do like to think that as a business owner and employer that I have a good understanding of how big a decision this is.  As a fully qualified HR professional with over 12 years’ experience and having taught on the professional CIPD programmes for 8 years, I know all the theories and research behind it.  However, the personal experience enables me to add in that true empathy and understanding.

It appears to be that bad news and horror stories make the headlines so much more than good news.  Perhaps then it is no wonder that people worry about employing people as a lot of what they hear is about employees not working as they should do, causing trouble or taking employers to court and costing them money.  Having worked in HR both in employment and now with clients for over 6 years I am not naïve enough to say these things don’t happen BUT they are by no means the majority.

From my studies and research, working with clients and employing a team myself, I know that taking on a team should be the best thing you do in your business.  It is your team that will help your business go from strength to strength, find new opportunities and make sure it runs smoothly.  However, none of this will happen unless you give some serious thought, planning and time in to finding and managing a team – whether that is one person or 100s of people.    Getting the most from a team is not rocket science, on the face of it, it is not that complicated – but without the time and effort it needs it will be impossible.

This series of blogs is going to cover all aspects of employing people and offer some advice and experience to help you get it right.  Next time we will start looking at how you know you need to employ, either for the first time or to expand, and how to go about recruiting.

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Emma Wynne
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