Emma Wynne had a Problem…

Posted on 6th May 2015


Emma Wynne had a Problem…


Although she loved her job as a HR Manager in a large Mental Health Hospital, she was increasingly finding herself working only on the negative side of HR and really wanted to work in all areas of HR and Learning and Development. She had been offered more hours in her lecturing role at the University but knew this was not enough.

So what to do? Find another job or take heed of all the compliments she had received throughout her HR career at being “the friendly face of HR”, and take the plunge and go it alone.

So in 2007 at just 29 years old with two small children and just one client Gateway HR was born. 8 years on and now employing upwards of 10 staff and growing, with offices here in Northamptonshire and in Yorkshire the expansion continues and Gateway HR now look after a whole range of small and large companies.

Emma has a genuine passion for ensuring HR is ethical and if done right should not be the scary entity that many believe it is. She wanted to be the friendly and approachable face of HR and it’s these original ethics and passion from Emma that inspires this business and all the employees within it.

During this difficult economic time Gateway have been working to support local business’ offering free audits to show companies where they might need help in addition to running free seminars which offer a range of support and advice on topics such as managing absence in your business. They understand that not one size fits all and have a range of bespoke packages to suit every type of help needed. Be it one off advice to monthly on site visits, they truly have something to suit every organisation.

“Our aim is to help and support businesses through any process, which may be employing people for the first time, putting basic information & staff handbooks together, managing a project or a difficult staff situation”

Emma Wynne – Managing Director
So if you are asking yourself ‘Why do companies need an HR Audit?’ Gateway have discovered that sometimes business’ of all sizes find their HR structures don’t help them as much as they could. Gateway have carried out many audits round the county and nationwide, and have found everything from out-of-date policies to processes that needed upgrading and even practises that were frankly illegal.

Small issues get overlooked and turn into big issues, and constant changes in legislation mean that what you thought was fine may not be any more. It’s complicated and failures are rarely deliberate, but they can still cause problems.

Gateway have carried out audits in a wide range of organisations, including foreign company’s opening branches in the UK, new businesses who have no HR structure in place and established companies that were unsure how up to date their processes were. An audit normally takes about an hour; some basic information is needed, like typical employee files, a typical contract, an employee handbook and a copy of the policies and procedures. Gateway will produce a no obligation report, which will give you a comprehensive overview of where you stand – and where you can go.

So even if you are absolutely certain your HR is OK, why not call Gateway HR and they will make sure. It costs you nothing but a small amount of time and maybe a cup of coffee for their consultant.

Gateway HR – Welcome to personable HR!

This article was featured in Nene Local on April 26th 2015.

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Written by:
Emma Wynne
Managing Director