Developing Your Employees to Promote Wellbeing

Posted on 20th January 2016

As you will know from my previous blog on the importance of learning and development there are many, many benefits of continually developing your workforce.  The obvious one is that they are experts in their roles and can add value to your business but there are so many more benefits.

Continuing with our theme this month of wellness in the workplace, today I am looking at how developing your team can deliver this outcome too.

Minimising a Potential Cause of Stress

In our fast paced society and continually changing businesses, the cases of work-related stress are increasing year on year.  For a few years now stress has been the most common cause of absence from work in all sectors.  The cost to business can be huge and of course there is the impact on the individual.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has identified 6 main causes of stress:

  • Role
  • Change (the management of it)
  • Demands
  • Control
  • Relationships
  • Support

Developing your employees can help them to develop strategies to cope with all of the six.  Whether it is time management / project management training in order to manage workloads, or assertiveness training in order to be able to have control.  For managers it can be training to ensure they do not have a stressful impact on their teams, and indeed to know how to recognize stress before it becomes a big issue.

One issue we see a lot is people who have been promoted into management, as they’re technically good at their job, but have never had any management training so they then struggle. For example, a nurse is brilliant at their job and is promoted to Ward Manager, but then it all goes wrong.  This person has never had to give direction, lead and motivate a team, manage difficult situations or manage budgets and resources.  The impact on the individual’s confidence and wellbeing can be huge, let alone the impact on the business of not having an effective manager in post.  It does not mean these people cannot go on to become great managers and leaders, but they need the learning and development to be able to do this.

We work with many businesses to help them do exactly this, help prepare people before they move in to a management role and also develop existing management teams to become even more effective.

Motivation and Engagement

If you engage your employees by investing in them with a learning and development plan, their motivation will increase. It’s a great way to keep a person engaged, rather than simply paying them more, which has proved to be less of a motivator.   If someone is happy in their job then then you are also helping with their general wellbeing.

Over the last decade, employee engagement has grown in both the HR profession and in business as a whole. With personnel costs and wages topping the expense list for many companies, it makes good business sense to make sure your employees are making the best possible contribution to your organisation.

In the Macleod Review – a government-funded research project – they defined it as: “A workplace approach designed to ensure that employees are committed to their organisation’s goals and values, motivated to contribute to organisational success and also to enhance their own sense of wellbeing.”

It’s all about the link between how your employees feel about your business and the impact that has on their performance – going beyond the basics of carrying out their role, and feeling actively involved in the success of your company.

Thank You for Reading

I do hope that you have found this blog interesting.  As my favourite topic then I could talk about learning and development all day, so I tried to keep it succinct!  As a business we have been designing and delivering training that adds real value for over eight years, and as individuals the team have been doing it for even longer!  I lectured at the University of Northampton and for the CIPD, so be assured we know what we are doing.

If you need to put an L&D strategy in place or your current strategy needs a revamp and you need some expert advice, give us a call. We can help you to understand and identify your training needs – from individuals and teams, to departments and your company as a whole – and work with you on your objectives. Plus, we’ve got a huge range of ready-to-go training courses, or we can create bespoke training events for your business.

Is this something that you’re interested to pursue? And when will you be taking action?   As always, if you would like some help call us on 01536 215240

Best wishes


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Written by:
Emma Wynne
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